No one knows the automotive industry like we do

That’s how we know SalesLogs will give you the upper hand

Because we’re automotive industry specialists, we know the deal process inside out. And having worked across every dealership department, we know how hard it is to consolidate data and keep everyone on the same page. That’s why we built SalesLogs from the ground up - to solve the problems faced by sales teams and management when it comes to deal tracking.

A reliable system that reflects your needs and processes

We developed an intuitive, reliable, real-time approach to the people and processes that are integral to dealership software; a responsive system that’s both flexible and secure.

We know that with all your team’s data in one place, you can keep everyone accountable, evaluate deals, staff or department progress, spot room for improvement and recognise accomplishments. We know that enhanced collaboration and control will improve productivity and satisfaction all round.

An agile support team that’s responsive to your needs

We have a growing team of innovative in-house developers whose mission is to deliver the very best in big data, knowledge sharing, and the best user experience possible. We’re constantly adding features that make your dealership operate more efficiently and effectively. And you’ll get these updates for free.
Our technical team can quickly respond to your needs, providing updates to the system securely over the cloud. And while SalesLogs is incredibly simple to integrate and use, it’s good to know that if you need support, our support team is available to troubleshoot and advise.

Don’t just take our word for it...

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