Take the pain out of deal tracking

Simplify delivery and improve productivity

Still using a maze of spreadsheets to track your deals? Transition to a single integrated system that dynamically updates as your team generates deals. By breaking down the deal process from every angle, you’ll have all the insights you need to manage your dealership more effectively.


settingCustomise who sees what

SalesLogs makes it easy for your team to work together. With pre-set business logic, it allows team members to collaborate on the shared columns, while keeping the department specific columns private.

Since we know that dealerships operate differently, we give you control of who sees what with high-level managers changing access levels and security settings with a simple click.

Generate real-time reports

SalesLogs lets you generate reports for every scenario, giving you the insights you need to plan ahead.

Check your teams’ progress, visualise comparisons and trends in sales and inventory. Instantly see what’s deliverable, what’s carrying over and how you’re performing against targets. Dashboards provide snapshots in easy-to-digest visual format. Real time reporting lets you better understand the metrics most important to your business of dealership software .

buildingEasily manage multiple sites

SalesLogs is cloud based so you can access it from anywhere or on any device with a browser.

Managing multiple dealer software has never been easier. No need to jump around between spreadsheets. Instead pull all the data you need from one source, divided up by staff member, department, site or region. Wherever you are with SalesLogs, the data you need is at your fingertips.

dbTrack changed data

When you need to know who changed what, why and when - SalesLogs history log makes it easy.

Keeping an electronic trail of team member activities, SalesLogs improves referencing, accountability and quality control. High-level managers can view recent changes with a simple click, restoring previous values if necessary. A notes facility provides user/date/time stamps and a scrollable history, adding even more insight into recent activity.


Store data securely in the cloud

We understand that storing data in the cloud can raise concerns. That’s why best practices ensure the security and integrity of your information.

Connections from point of use to SalesLogs servers are made secure with bank level encrypted transmissions. Our servers are geo-replicated, meaning everything is backed up from two separate regions within Australia. Chances are that whatever system you’re using now is not as robust as SalesLogs.

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