API Integration

Together for a better
user experience

Through API connections, software providers can update work flows in real time allowing your team to be more productive.

Designed for scalable connections

Ask your most used software to connect with us and we will make it happen.


Individual customisation of data handling based on your requirements

We believe in a tailored solution that fits any business requirement. ​Our API management platform allows our partners to configure the parameters of the data shared through the API, outlining what can be sent, received, synchronised, blocked or updated.


This option sends cell data to your system every time updated in SalesLogs


This option allows SalesLogs to receive cell data when updated in your system


This option synchronises cell data in both systems


This option blocks any exchange of cell data with both systems


This option allows SalesLogs to receive cell data and only updates if the cell is blank


Plug-in implementation

The SalesLogs API is a RESTful interface that allows you to programmatically update and access data on the platform. Request your DMS, CRM, Finance or Appraisal platform to integrate with SalesLogs, and we'll take care of the rest.

API support guaranteed

Our dedicated support team will ensure the seamless operation of your API connection with your preferred partner.


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