History Tracker

Ever had someone change your spreadsheet but "no-one" did it?

Control the history of deals and data changes with our History Tracker.

Capture and track changes on SalesLogs

Having accountability and transparency of data entry creates efficiencies with your process.
No more lost time trying to establish who modified your data.

Capture and track

SalesLogs History Tracker is designed for

Owners and General Managers

“Full audit trail of data entry”

Department Managers

“Accountability of activity"

Team Members

"Transparency on deal updates"

History All

History All

A complete audit trail of data updates within a time range.

See what data has been modified across multiple deals, users, categories in a single screen.

With search and filter abilities you can quickly identify changes to keep fully informed.

Cell History

A complete audit trail of data updates on individual cells.

Identify all data changes by User, Time & Date along with previous values and updated values.

Quickly restore accidental changes with the original data in just a click.

Cell History
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