Benefits Finance Team

Receive feeds from sales in real time

Introductions to the Finance Team will maximise opportunities to generate finance and insurance income.  SalesLogs ensures you'll never miss a deal.


Receive feeds from all the departments

Never miss a deal with a direct feed from each of the departments in your dealership.

As soon as it happens, you'll instantly have access to the information you need to ensure you're always kept in the loop.

Dedicated DataGrid

Our lightning fast DataGrid that looks familiar but does everything your spreadsheet can't.

Sharing customer information from the sales team eliminates data entry and allows you to get on with recording your own performance.

Your spreadsheet can't do that.


Effectively communicate with the team

Keep everyone in the loop with ease. With our comments function you can inform the rest of the team, critical information that they need to know.

Stay on target

Keep focused on your KPI's with up to the minute performance visuals. You'll know instantly you're heading in the right direction.


Granular level insights

In just a click, get a breakdown of performance by a range of metrics that are important to you.

Measure the performance of policies and premiums, penetration, average gross profit and total pool of gross in an instant.

Tony Traikovski

Finance Manager
Mornington BMW
Melbourne, Australia


No other system is this efficient

I’ve been using SalesLogs for 7 years and find it very easy to use. With a quick glance I can see my department performance and make informed business decisions on demand. With a couple of clicks I can find what I need making reporting to lenders, manufacturers and internal stakeholders simple and effortless.

SalesLogs are always proactively looking at ways to further improve the system. The team know our business as they have worked in dealerships. They know what demands are placed by manufacturers and lenders for information. It’s the most important tool in my day.


1,000+ teams have chosen SalesLogs for their dealership.
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