Sales Team Benefits

Create Efficiencies, Enhance Performance

Keeping focused on your performance without having to manage reports and data allows you to be more efficient.

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Cooperate with all departments

Save time and effort with live up to the second data that is shared with all departments as needed.

We eliminate duplicate data collection by sharing the common information on each deal with all departments.

Dedicated DataGrid

Our lightning fast DataGrid looks familiar but does everything your spreadsheet can't.

You have complete flexibility to display your data in a way that matters to you. All without impacting other users!

Your spreadsheet can't do that.


Effectively communicate with the team

Keep up to speed with what's going on across your deals. With easy to use communication functions across all areas of the business you'll always be informed of what you need to know.

Trade-in Log

Effectively track your trade-ins and keep your Used Car department in the loop of what's arriving.

With automated workflows built in, you'll effortlessly communicate across the business saving everyone’s time and increasing productivity.


Department and Personal Dashboards

Track and evaluate your performance against KPI's using our real-time dashboards.

Customised based on permission level, you'll always know you're tracking in the right direction.

Compete with your team members to be the best!

Keep focused on your goals with our Leaderboards. You'll know exactly how you're performing against your peers and keep focused on the finish line.


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