For Owners and General Managers

10x faster. 90% more efficient.

Our automated platform is 10x faster and 90% more efficient than traditional processes.


You are the captain of the ship

Owners and General Managers need to ensure the profitability of the dealership by knowing the real-time performance.

SalesLogs provides a platform allowing you to plan, motivate and coordinate the dealership’s management through leadership and solid business practices.

Global Dashboards

Live up to the minute data on demand allows you to measure performance and see at a glance that your team is heading in the right direction.



With a fresh modern view, our leaderboards can visualise individual performance and keep you up to date with the daily activity.

Complete operation details second by second

With a live in sync DataGrid, you'll know exactly how your team is performing and be kept completely up to date.

You'll have peace of mind that your data is secured in the cloud in a centralised location and not across multiple files in unknown locations.


Cross-channel communication

Be kept up to date with the information that matters to you.

With quick to interpret visual triggers you'll know exactly where your team is at.

Multi-Level Permissions

With complete control over the data that is shared within your teams and individuals, you'll have complete peace of mind that only those approved see information that is relevant.


History tracking

A full audit trail of all activity in SalesLogs creates accountability and transparency with your teams. Every action is recorded by user with a time and date stamp.


Quickly set expectations for your department managers and their teams along with measuring past performance in a central location.


Lee Matenga

Dealer Principal
Chadstone Toyota
Melbourne, Australia


It’s more like a sales tool than a sales log


1,000+ teams have chosen SalesLogs for their dealership.
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