Motivate your team and
track their performance

Clear visibility over sales metrics for management and sales people alike

A modern in-store digital experience driven by sales

The traditional sales leaderboard does not come anywhere close to providing enough of the information today's dealers and salespeople need to be successful.


SalesLogs Leaderboards is designed for

Owners and General Managers

“Performance KPI tracking in a fresh modern view”

Department Managers

“Showcase department performance as it happens"

Team Members

"Measure your performance against your peers"


Monthly and weekly sales achievements

Keep everyone focused on goals with our Leaderboards. With performance displayed front and centre, your team can visualise their performance against their peers.


Real-time daily sales performance

Keep everyone up to date with daily activity. As data is updated to a deal, it can be displayed live on our Leaderboards.


Celebrate every new sale

Who doesn't love a confetti cannon?

Our Leaderboards celebrate every new sale as soon as it happens. It's our virtual high five to your team.

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