Cross Channel Communication

Forget delays, misinformation
and misunderstanding

Cross channel communication delivers the information to those that need it, keeping everyone on the same page.

Operation focused communication in one platform

Efficiently communicate across all departments on a centralised platform that delivers an optimal experience. With visual alerts you'll always be up to date.


SalesLogs communication functions are designed for

Owners and General Managers

“Quickly see communication across multiple teams”

Department Managers

“Keep up to date on the things that matter most"

Team Members

"Stay informed on the status of your deals"


In-cell comments

Inform the rest of the team critical information that they need to know with comments. Along with visual alerts to identify updates, you'll never miss anything that's relevant.

History tracking

Ever had someone change your spreadsheet but "no-one" did it? That'll never happen again with our History Tracker!

Accountability for every action is recorded by User with a Time & Date stamp.


In-cell colour tags

Colour tags create a quick visual reference to enhance your process or keep you informed of where something is at.

With flexibility around what each colour represents, you can establish easy to see stages of a process.

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